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  • Free February Moon Tracker
    Mughal flowers It has been a while but I’m just back from my vacation in India. I haven’t had time to update my website during that time because it was so much to take in. But I did make a new moon tracker for february that is inspired by the artistic patterns of the mughal era.
  • A cosmic symphony
    This one has been laying around for way too long. I had the idea somewhere in summer but only in September I started playing on a canvas that had two lyric pages glued on. And somehow suddenly everything clicked when I let go and just played a bit around. Now I finally managed to cut some of the videos and here is the part where I created the background.
  • Merry Christmas
    A rather late merry christmas from me to you. I’ve been pretty busy with writing my advent calendar and preparing everything for Christmas so I had little time to write here. The next few weeks probably won’t be an exeption since I have more exciting things on my list. But I will try my best to post more content here, soon.
  • Partial solar eclipse, Oct. 25th 2022
  • Moonrise on Easter Night over the easter fire
  • My zenned out astronaut as T-shirt
  • My complete zodiac collection (April 2022)
  • M42 Orion nebula
  • Aurora Illustration (01/2022)
  • Notepad of my zenned out astronaut
  • My spraypainted telescope with clear coat
  • Detail of "Behind the dustclouds"

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