My telescopes are for looking through them not at them!

(Joseph von Fraunhofer)

Celestron 6″ Newton
(150 / 750 mm)
on Vixen GP-E

2006 I bought a C6-Newton with a Sky-View mount so I could also take photos later. But the mount turned out rather flimsy so I sent it back and got a Vixen GP-E mount second-hand. Its not tracked yet but since I got a better camera its on my list now.

Photo © by Matthias Schneider

Bresser 3″ Newton (76 / 700 mm)
also called „Tchibo-Scope“

My first telescope that had to endure a lot with me. From telescope meetings in Germany, the Silvretta High Alpine Road to Scotland, this telescope was my companion. Even though larger optics are appealing for many, I did like to push the boundaries with this relatively small telescope. Another point for it is its handiness. I can just grab it and don’t need a lot of setup.


  • SVBONY 1.25″ 68° wide angle oculars (6 / 9 / 15 / 20 mm )
  • TS 1.25″ zoom ocular 21-7 mm
  • 1.25″ Huygens-ocular 12,5 / 20 mm
  • 1.25″ symetric Ramsden 4 mm

Canon EOS M50

In 2019 I finally decided to retire my EOS 350 D. After some recherches and recommendations I got an EOS M50, a system camera without mirror. Except for the facts that it needs more energy and that an adapter is needed for standard EF-lenses, the advantages of a lot less weight and size in my hand (and on the telescope) convinced me.

Open Astro Tracker (OAT)

This is an open-source DIY star tracker with 3D printed parts. I got the pre-printed kit in 2021 but so far only tested it.

Practical stuff:

  • Karkoschka, Atlas für Himmelsbeobachter
  • head light with red foiled LEDs
  • flash light with red filter


  • A spray-painted telescope pt. 4
    It’s been a while since I talked about this. But after those wrinkles I was a bit frustrated because sanding it down was quite some work. But with the wet sanding it worked best and I could smooth out most of the wrinkles.
  • A nightsky telescope (pt. 3)
    Last part for the design, adding stars. After that it was just clear coating. Wait, just? If I hadn’t made a big mistake…
  • A nightsky telescope (pt. 2)
    The next part of my spray-paint experiment. This time I added more details to get that milky way look.