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  • Cancer – the zodiac collection
    This sensitive companion is known for feeling things very deeply. No wonder he sometimes prefers to retreat to his shell where he feels more comfortable. He can come off as moody and overly sensitive because he is so strongly connected to his emotions. But he is also highly intuitive and prefers deep connection over shallow […]
  • A nightsky telescope (pt. 3)
    Last part for the design, adding stars. After that it was just clear coating. Wait, just? If I hadn’t made a big mistake…
  • A nightsky telescope (pt. 2)
    The next part of my spray-paint experiment. This time I added more details to get that milky way look.
  • Experiments with spray-paint – A nightsky telescope (pt. 1)
    I spray-painted my small Bresser 76/700 mm telescope to try out spray-painting. This was the first time I actually spray-painted something like this. In this first part you see the deconstruction and first layers of spray paint.
  • May the fourth be with you
    This baby yoda was a quicky, originally I wanted to paint flowers. But after seeing like a thousand reminders I just needed to do something Star Wars related ūüėĄ Colors used: a lot from Roman Szmal and New Moon from @chipigments
  • Pillars of Creation Collection
    Coming soon…