A painting of a false color photo from Jupiter by NASA.

Jupiter’s Portrait

This acrylic painting was inspired by a composite photo of NASA NIRCam. It unveils auroras on both poles, swirling hazes and the awe-inspiring Great Red Spot, a famous storm that is over 300 years old. The brightness indicates high altitude – so the Great Red Spot appears white in this view while clouds with a lower altitude appear darker and blue.

A spaced out scarf…

Sometimes I just can’t help it and have to check out how things turn out on different mediums. So a while ago I ordered this scarf with my horsehead nebula and this is how it turned out: Ps. If you like this scarf, head over to Redbubble where you can currently get 30% off 👇

A cosmic collision – Part 3

Adding the final details to my painting… It’s really satisfying to see a painting come to life. Especially after adding stars and the last finishing details. Now I only need to seal it and my first acrylic painting on canvas is done 💕 There are some more canvas paintings that I am currently working on. […]