An early morning visit

The loud banging of a door shakes me out of sleep. It’s pretty early. The sky is still tinted in a dark blue. Way too early to get up. Another door slams shut, then the engine of a car ignites. Annoyed I wait till it finally drives away. I turn around and try to sleep again.
The dream is a bit weird and mixed up. It changes a lot and I know I’m mixing my latest waking experience into it. I want to sleep and go to bed. Suddenly you are lying next to me in my bed. Puzzled I look at you. What the hell are you doing here?
„Ah, come over,“ you sigh and before I can react, you pull me close to your chest. I feel your warmth and your arm wrapped around my waist. It feels weird. But at the same time… I feel safe. At home. Taken care of.
A while later you get up for work. I instantly wish you wouldn’t. I just want to stay wrapped in your embrace forever. Just close to each other.

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