Photo of a journal with a habit tracker and a digital painting.

Free June Moon tracker

Midsummer nights

This month I haven’t had much time to create. There was too much going on in my life and lately it took a toll on me so I need to take a step back and take care of myself. Still I wanted to do my habit tracker (since I use it for myself anyways 🤪) and decided to do one inspired by lush summer nights with fireflies dancing in the grass. I played a bit around with digital art and created a midsummer night scene. This time there are also matching journaling cards included.

Shiny Watercolor Moons

Shiny watercolor moons

Gosh, I’m in love! I just wanted to swatch this beautiful color but ended up making mini moons from the swatches that included 😂 The color is ’strawberry moon‘ and it really fits its name. This will sure be a favorite of mine 😍