A composite photo of the moon during a partial lunar eclipse.

Partial lunar eclipse from Oct. 28th

On October 28th there was a partial lunar eclipse taking place. It was rather cloudy but we were at least lucky enough to see it through the clouds. In Germany it was also astronomy day so our astronomy group offered an observation evening in the tiny observatory.

The tiny observatorium, a mobile observatory, was staying in Zwischenbergen in October.

Although it was rather cloudy, we had a few guests who came to visit or asked for help with their own equipment. And after sunset we were lucky to catch some breaks in the clouds and see the moon and Jupiter.

At home I took out my camera to take photos. The lunar eclipse started 20:01 CET and had it’s maximum at 22:15 CET. The moon was rather obscured with clouds so it was hard to get a clear photo. I added several photos to get a slightly better composite photo.

The moon and Jupiter were very close and could be captured with a 70 mm lense together. Since they were rather obscured by clouds, the photos were rather blurry:

Moon and Jupiter, single shot with Canon EOS M50, 70 mm, F=5.6, 1/20 s, ISO500, 28.10.23 22:22 CET

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