Free March Moon Tracker

Sound of spring

I’m a bit late as per usual but I did create a new habit tracker for march. This time I got inspired by the sound of birds outside that remind us of the upcoming spring. So this month my journal will be inspired by the music of nature.

The tracker is a simple vertical tracker for up to 12 things you want to keep track of as well as the full illustrated frame. The PDF file contains a German version (page 2) and an English version (page 1). The moon phases fit for Europe. Please note they may vary in other regions. Size is 11,9 x 21 cm (PDF file is Din A4 with cut marks).

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Please read over the terms of use before downloading:

Terms of use

This printable is free for personal use only. You are allowed to share the tracker under the following terms:

  • You may not use the tracker for commercial purposes.
  • If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.
  • Attribution is not necessary but appreciated (tag me as @astrofruechtle on Instagram).

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