Taurus - the zodiac collection

Taurus – The zodiac collection

Please say hello to Taurus, the bull. After the fiery energy of Aries, this guy brings in some earthy energy to ground us. Taurus is calm, quiet and very observant. He likes to enjoy life through all his senses. Earthly pleasure is important for him. Sometimes he may come off as cold and stubborn but in truth he just has his own mind and is a deeply sensitive soul that he tries to hide way too much ❤

Oh, I really like how this cutie turned out. He even pours out some shimmer from the rose 🥰 (that was actually unintentional 😆) I had to mix some colors because I don’t have a green shimmer. But luckily seafoam pearl worked perfect with Aquarius Green 😊

Colors used: Métamorphosis by @arkaarcreation, shadow and seafoam pearl by @stakiwicolours, Potters Pink by @schmincke_official, Ocean blue and Aquarius Green by Roman Szmal

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