How to Waste Your Time and Money: A Sarcastic Tourist’s Handbook

Please note: While I did have a rather difficult start to India, I did meet a lot of nice and helpful people and enjoyed the rich culture India has to offer 🙏 So please read this with humour 🙂

New Delhi

The welcome to India couldn’t be more enticing: After running from cash terminal to cash terminal with my lightweight backpack containing everything I need for 3 weeks of vacation, I am kindly sent out to an exchange office to get some Rupees. Greeted by the fresh Delhi air and a hoard of taxi drivers at the airport exit, I make my way to the exchange office which lets me know that they would gladly exchange 50€ and more. Too bad I only have 20€ left in cash.

Inside, a friendly Indian offered me to exchange the money for an Indian sim card so I make my way back through the taxi drivers that all are so interested and helpful. Only to be stopped by a man in a sand brown jacket that informs me in perfect Indian English that he sadly cannot let me go back inside. He rocks the rifle on his back to support his words. I try my luck at two other entry gates with the same results so I discuss my options with the surrounding taxi drivers. After all, I wouldn’t want to disturb my friends that early – even if I could connect to the airports free wifi.

One of the taxi drivers finally is so annoyed that he connects my phone to the wifi using his phone number. I think it’s time to take a break so I walk over to an invitingly closed café and sit on the floor next to a shivering dog that lies curled up on the ground. With a sigh I slide the backpack from my back and remove my handbag to sit on it. Some taxi drivers come over and again offer their help to get me to the hotel. I couldn’t be happier, at least I will get to my hotel with the 20€ I have left and don’t need to walk those 15 minutes!

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