Swans and sweet memories

Sometimes I wonder why I take so long to share some things 😅 Like this journal page from last year for example. It had been a nice day in Oldenburg and a fun evening at the Kramermarkt (yes, I am a fan of fun fairs!) with meeting old colleagues. And I really loved how the page turned out with the cute swan that I painted. Originally I wanted to shoot a plush one like this, but then I didn’t have enough money 😅🤭

This year I’m not sure I will make it. I received a letter from my landlord that our house shall be torn down. This is just one of several things that came up for me this year and sometimes it is hard to keep going when things suddenly tumble down and your head is filled with questions. In those moments I need to remind myself to focus on the present moment and not get lost in thoughts. Because I can only take one step at a time 🙏

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