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Hello from the depth of space and welcome to my site full of celestial goodness. I take you on a journey through space. Get inspired by the magic of the universe and otherworldly art. Want to travel with me?
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  • A cover for my writers journal
    I wanted to paint a cover for my writers journal. The journal is mostly an overview since my story will probably be three books later. So to keep track of people, places and everything, I started this journal. And now it finally has an appropriate cover page 🥰

Short Stories

  • An early morning visit
    Just a dream. Or was it?!
  • Dancing
    Some months ago I found this prompt to start writing a story. I forgot about it till today. And since I was waiting at the doctor, I simply pulled out my tablet and started writing. Hope you enjoyed. Maybe I will include parts of it in my book.
  • Drops of Jupiter – A short Story
    In August 2021 the promt for a challenge I made was „Journey“. So I decided to take my followers on a journey with me. Each journal entry was accompanied with a new episode of the story. You can read them on Instagram or buymeacoffee.


  • Love