A photo showing an abstract painting with acrylics and the matching colors

Explorations into abstract art

Lately, I’ve been drawn to abstract painting more and more. It’s a unique form of art that allows me to express my creativity without being bound by traditional techniques or rules. On the other hand it’s also a challenge if you get stuck in your head. What helps me to prevent going in my head is to just play and experiment without an intention of making „good“ looking art. Something that I learned in a group of lovely people in That Creative Space. So I’ve been experimenting with different techniques and color combinations. One of them was suggested by my dear friend Sabrina from SuisideArt and it really caught my eye: spring green, sunset orange, and mint green.

The bright and cheerful spring green represents growth, renewal, and nature. It adds a sense of freshness and energy, perfectly fitting to spring. Sunset orange, on the other hand, is warm and vibrant and adds a lot of drama and intensity. A touch of freshness and balance comes from the mint green that adds a sense of harmony and serenity. Together, these colors create a striking and unique combination that adds a lot of interest and depth while evoking a wide range of emotions and moods.

It was a lot of fun painting with this colors and I’ll definitely come back to them soon. But I also plan to keep exploring and experimenting with different colors and techniques, and let my creativity run wild.

  • A photo showing an abstract painting with acrylics and the matching colors
  • Abstract paint exoeriment with a sunset orange
  • Photo of my desk that shows some drying paintings, a palette knife and used tape.

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