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Hello from the depth of space and welcome to my site full of celestial goodness. I take you on a journey through space. Get inspired by the magic of the universe and otherworldly art. Want to travel with me?
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  • An early morning visit
    The loud banging of a door shakes me out of sleep. It’s pretty early. The sky is still tinted in a dark blue. Way too early to get up. Another door slams shut, then the engine of a car ignites. Annoyed I wait till it finally drives away. I turn around and try to sleep […]
  • My „Travel Kit“
    I got a bit carried away when I packed for a short vacation. So my travel kit for journaling and painting wasn’t light at all 🤣 But hey, I had everything I needed and I did enjoy some outdoor journaling and painting.
  • Behind the scenes: Creating an illustration
    Have you ever wondered, how vector graphics are created? Take a look behind the scenes while I create a dreamy scene at dusk for my habit tracker. You can download the tracker for free here:
  • Loose nebula prints
    I played a bit around on rather cheap paper but some of them turned out beautiful. So instead of offering the small originals in the collection, these are only available as prints. #10 of my collection “The light within”.
  • Bookmarks
    I made some pieces where the composition was a bit off but since they were still beautiful I decided to cut them and make bookmarks from them. Handpainted bookmarks in my collection “The light within”.
  • Green Skies
    Another more loose painting of a molecular cloud, this time in green. Painting #09 in my collection “The light within”.
  • Remnants of a starburst
    Sometimes the shockwaves of a supernovas trigger molecular clouds to collapse and form stars. It is all interconnected, the end and a new beginning. Painting #08 in my collection “The light within”.
  • Free August Moon Tracker
    Between day and night For August I got inspired by some beautiful apricot and violet shades that reminded me of beautiful summer sunsets and early mornings.
  • Clouds of pink
    Another more loose approach of a stellar nursery in closeup. Painting #07 in my collection “The light within”.
  • Violet Skies
    I think this was one of my first experiments with liquid watercolor ink. The color separated so beautifully I hardly had to use another color than Indigo and dioxazine purple. Painting #06 in my collection “The light within”.
  • Pillars of Creation
    Another early painting where I really loved the watercolor details. Painting #05 in my collection “The light within”.
  • Elements of new life
    This painting was one of the first ones I made with watercolor ink and it just had to be part of the collection as an HII-region where molecular hydrogen forms stars in the span of millions of years. Painting #04 in my collection “The light within”.
  • The horsehead nebula (Barnard 22)
    The only painting in the collection that shows a real nebula. The horsehead nebula (Barnard 22) is a small dark nebula in the constellation Orion. Behind it lies a large, active star-forming H II-region called IC 434. Painting #03 in my collection “The light within”.
  • The veil lifts
    A more loose painting of another stellar nurserie that slowly blows away the surrounding dust clouds to reveal the newformed stars. Painting #02 in my collection “The light within”.
  • Behind the dust clouds
    My take on a stellar nurserie that is obscured by an absorption nebula. Painting #01 in my collection „The light within“.
  • Leo – the zodiac collection
    We are back to another fire sign. And this roaring loud fellow won’t mind expressing himself to get your full attention.
  • Shop is live! 🤸‍♀️
    I finally managed to upload my Collection „The light within“ with prints. The other things will come over the next few days, too. Stay tuned 😎
  • Shop opening July 10th
    Just a little note that I`’m currently uploading my collections but it’s taking a bit longer than anticipated. I will let you know here and on Instagram as soon as the shop opens!
  • Dancing
    Some months ago I found this prompt to start writing a story. I forgot about it till today. And since I was waiting at the doctor, I simply pulled out my tablet and started writing. Hope you enjoyed. Maybe I will include parts of it in my book.
  • Zenned out Astronaut Notepad
    Some of these are available on July 10th in my Etsy shop. Couldn’t resist making it a little oldschool flip book animation 😆
  • Limited Zodiac Print Edition
    Since I don’t yet want to sell the originals of my zodiac collection I thought about offering a special edition print with gold frame. They will be limited to 5 prints per sign with a handpainted gold frame.
  • Free July Moon Tracker
    Wanderlust It’s July and time to travel the world, discover new continents, take in the sun, relax at the beach and simply enjoy the moment. The tracker is a simple vertical tracker for up to 11 things you want to keep track of. The PDF file contains a German version (page 2) and an English […]
  • Shop Opening July 1st – moved to July 10th
    It’s happening! I finally set the date for my shop opening on Etsy. And I’m super excited for it because my second collection ‚Pillars of Creation‘ is slowly coming together. Still haven’t decided on the final pieces yet but stay tuned for the final informations 💕 Add to your calendar:
  • Cancer – the zodiac collection
    This sensitive companion is known for feeling things very deeply. No wonder he sometimes prefers to retreat to his shell where he feels more comfortable. He can come off as moody and overly sensitive because he is so strongly connected to his emotions. But he is also highly intuitive and prefers deep connection over shallow […]
  • A nightsky telescope (pt. 3)
    Last part for the design, adding stars. After that it was just clear coating. Wait, just? If I hadn’t made a big mistake…
  • A nightsky telescope (pt. 2)
    The next part of my spray-paint experiment. This time I added more details to get that milky way look.
  • Experiments with spray-paint – A nightsky telescope (pt. 1)
    I spray-painted my small Bresser 76/700 mm telescope to try out spray-painting. This was the first time I actually spray-painted something like this. In this first part you see the deconstruction and first layers of spray paint.
  • May the fourth be with you
    This baby yoda was a quicky, originally I wanted to paint flowers. But after seeing like a thousand reminders I just needed to do something Star Wars related 😄 Colors used: a lot from Roman Szmal and New Moon from @chipigments
  • Pillars of Creation Collection
    Coming soon…
  • Rather blurry sunspots (24.04.2022)
    Today I went outside with my telescope and checked the sunspots with a friend of mine. It was a bit difficult to take a photo though because I could just hold the camera onto the lens of the telescope. Additionally the sun was already standing low and it was rather windy. So it was hard […]
  • Redbubble Shop updated
    Just wanted to announce that I updated my Redbubble Shop with various items like T-Shirts, Art prints, Stickers and more. Currently it features my ‚Zenned out‘ astronaut (with of without background) and my ‚Universe within‘.
  • Welcome to my page
    Hello and welcome to my page. I just moved my page to WordPress so there will be some changes and new pages in the next time. I’m planning to open my shop in May but so far I haven’t set a date for it yet.
  • Taurus – The zodiac collection
    Please say hello to Taurus, the bull. After the fiery energy of Aries, this guy brings in some earthy energy to ground us.
  • Aries – the zodiac collection
    I’d like to introduce you to this little guy: Aries, the ram. He starts the zodiac with his firce nature. Highly motivated, optimistic and ambitious he reaches for his dreams.
  • Drops of Jupiter – A short Story
    In August 2021 the promt for a challenge I made was „Journey“. So I decided to take my followers on a journey with me. So each journal entry was accompanied with a new episode of the story. You can read them on Instagram or buymeacoffee: Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 […]
  • Shiny watercolor moons
    Gosh, I’m in love! I just wanted to swatch this beautiful color but ended up making mini moons from the swatches that included 😂 The color is ’strawberry moon‘ and it really fits its name. This will sure be a favorite of mine 😍
  • M42 Orion nebula and M45 Plejades
  • Love
  • Sternschnuppen DE
    Eine angenehme Nacht, ein klarer Himmel. Früher wäre mein Teleskop schon draußen gestanden. Aber die Zeiten ändern sich bekanntlich, es kommt die Arbeit, der Haushalt usw. Um so schöner war es, dass ich heute immerhin 15 Minuten fand, um Sternschnuppen zu zählen. Ettliche Flugzeuge, Satelliten und Iridium flares später kam ich auf drei Meteoriten. Zwei […]
  • 1.8.2008 – Sofi ’08 oder Hardcore-Wolkenspechteln DE
    Die Sonnenfinsternis am 1. August 2008 artete bei mir eher zum Wolkenspechteln aus. Es war fast durchgehend bewölkt, mal stärker, mal schwächer. Kurz nach Beginn baute ich im Vorgarten mein 76/700mm Teleskop auf und lud nach ein paar Fotos meine Nachbarin ein, die ganz begeistert mit meiner Mutter durchs Teleskop blickte. Als gerade die anderen […]
  • Astrofrust Ade DE
    Am 12.3.2006 war es nach langer, kalter und vor allem bewölkter Zeit endlich wieder einigermaßen klar. Der Mond war sehr schön am Himmel und um 19.20 Uhr schnappte ich also meine Sachen und ging raus. Zuerst war der Mond dran. Mit der Belichtungszeit spielte ich etwas, merkte jedoch später, dass die Bilder meist sehr unscharf […]