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  • How to Waste Your Time and Money: A Sarcastic Tourist’s Handbook
    Please note: While I did have a rather difficult start to India, I did meet a lot of nice and helpful people and enjoyed the rich culture India has to offer 🙏 So please read this with humour 🙂 New Delhi The welcome to India couldn’t be more enticing: After running from cash terminal to […]
  • Affirmation of the Week
    Life often takes us down unexpected paths, doesn’t it? We find ourselves facing obstacles and challenges that seem insurmountable. We’re confronted with doubts and uncertainties that cast long shadows over our dreams. It’s during these moments, when it feels like the light is dimming, that we have a choice: to wither away in the darkness […]
  • Affirmation of the Week
    In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often find ourselves entangled in the web of our own thoughts, doubts, and worries. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the baggage we carry, be it in the form of self-doubt, negative habits, or relationships that drain our energy. So from time to time it’s important to take a step back and reflect about our lifes and let go of parts that no longer serve us.
  • Free September Journaling kit
    Sweet decay September is here and the new journaling kit reflects embracing life’s natural cycles, where growth and transformation often arise from facing our shadows and letting go of what no longer serves us. Just as mushrooms flourish amidst decay, we too can find beauty and strength in acknowledging and befriending our inner darkness. It’s […]
  • Affirmation of the Week
  • Affirmation of the Week
    When my heart aches for the dreams that haven‘t yet blossomed, I need to remind myself to nurture my dreams like a cosmic seed that I need to tended to with patience and love. If you ever tried to garden, you surely can relate because the seed cannot be rushed to grow. It has its […]
  • Affirmation of the Week
    While setting intentions is an important step on our path to achieving our dreams, it’s equally vital to take aligned actions in order to reach our goals. This isn’t a one-and-done endeavor; it’s an ongoing process that demands self-awareness, dedication, and a willingness to adjust as needed. Ensuring our behavior, decisions and efforts are in […]
  • A rainbow in the nightsky
    I actually started this illustration back in May but I was too busy to finish and post it. Now I finally had time to do so and I absolutely love how it turned out with the colorful galaxy hair. Somehow at the moment I love to play with digital mediums and also combine vector illustrations […]
  • Affirmation of the Week
    This affirmation reflects the belief in the power of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. It suggests that by focusing on our desires and maintaining a positive mindset, the universe will align circumstances and opportunities to help manifest those wishes.
  • Affirmation of the Week
    Did you know that the elements like carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and many others that make up our body, earth and everything around us were created in ancient stars billions of years ago? These elements can only be created, when stars explode into supernovae. Hence we can only exist due to these ancient stars.
  • Free August journaling kit
    Wish upon a star August is known for the Perseid meteor shower, so I thought it would be a nice topic to choose for my journal this month. Normally I offered a free moon tracker every month but since I didn’t get any feedback, I decided to no longer offer it. But please feel free to reach out to me if you are still interested in it.
  • Varnishing my first ever oil painting
    I’m a bit late to post this one here since I’m pretty busy finishing the next magazine at work but before I forget it, here it is! Damn, was I afraid to ruin my painting. I heard so many stories about the varnish not smoothing out and other stuff that I procrastinated this for months […]
  • Flashback – Webb’s first photos
    Today I have a little flashback to July 2022 when the James Webb space telescope showed the first photos of Stephan’s Quintett – five galaxies in the constellation of pegasus. I used yellow hexagon squares for the background in reference to the mirror construction which was quite some fun 😄Also used some of the cute […]
  • Affirmation of the Week
    So often we get lost in our thoughts and emotions and forget that they are just a product of our conditioning. Things we learned since earliest childhood from our caregivers and our society. And often we think this is who we are. What defines us. But they are just passing guests like clouds in the […]
  • Too warm to do anything…
    Too warm to do anything… at least more than putting your feet into a pool and maybe paint 😂 Honestly, while I enjoy summer, if it gets too warm for a longer period of time my body just wants to chill. This journal spread is from last summer when I just did that and sat […]
  • Affirmation of the Week
    Sometimes we have to go our own unique way instead of following other peoples‘ path. It might look difficult at first but you will learn new things on the way that might open doors you never thought of.
  • Affirmation of the Week
    So often we are being told that it’s selfish to take care of ourselves. It is not. Because we can only help others when we are full. If our own cup is empty, we are no true help for others. It’s important to take care of our own needs and if we feel good, helping […]
  • Affirmation of the Week
    Sometimes people overstep our boundaries. It is up to us, to remind us what we deserve and take appropriate action. And that can sometimes mean letting go of those people. Even if it’s hard. But if we accept that our boundaries are overstepped repeatedly, we accept being treated like crap again and again.
  • Starseeds
  • Free June Moon tracker
    Midsummer nights This month I haven’t had much time to create. There was too much going on in my life and lately it took a toll on me so I need to take a step back and take care of myself. Still I wanted to do my habit tracker (since I use it for myself anyways 🤪) and decided to do one inspired by lush summer nights with fireflies dancing in the grass. I played a bit around with digital art and created a midsummer night scene. This time there are also matching journaling cards included.
  • An exploration into space abstracts
    After my last abstract I wanted to try it out with my usual color palette and chose a photo of the milky way as reference. I admit, that kind of kept me from being open because I somehow tried to make it look like the milky way. At one point I tried to break free from it, which resulted in a rather chaotic painting.
  • Adventures into abstract painting
    Some days ago I took a class from Denise Love about abstract painting and color blocking. I decided to go for the colors she used in her class and mixed similar colors with my acrylic paints (although I somehow forgot to mix the yellow ochre, oops). Then I just went for it and played around with large brushes, my palette knife and a scraper. And I have to admit, that I really like the result.
  • Free May Moon tracker
    Bloom Originally I wanted to do some watercolor florals as decoration for the tracker but somehow inspiration just didn’t hit me. Instead I felt more drawn to create some abstracts and I recently fell a bit in love with the color combination of spring green, sunset orange and mint green that a friend recently gave me as a task. Today I sat down and played a bit aroung with my acrylic colors and I really like the pop of color they give.
  • Explorations into abstract art
    Lately, I’ve been drawn to abstract painting more and more. It’s a unique form of art that allows me to express my creativity without being bound by traditional techniques or rules. On the other hand it’s also a challenge if you get stuck in your head. What helps me to prevent going in my head is to just play and experiment without an intention of making „good“ looking art.
  • Bringing a Celestial Scene to Life
    These videos have been a pain in the a* to edit. Simply because I had the glorious idea to film the process in almost 4K 🙄 But I finally managed it and hope you enjoy this little timelapse of my acrylic ink experiment on raw cotton.
  • Free April Moon tracker
    Space bunnies I was about to skip the tracker this time since I’m rather busy. But I did have a cute idea and so I took a moment to create this funny space bunny themed tracker for April.
  • A cosmic symphony
    Part 3 of my acrylic painting „A cosmic symphony“ is slowly coming together.
  • Live painting session with a friend
    My friend Sabrina ( and me had a little live painting session where we painted together with acrylic paint and talked about the medium. She painted a wood nymph with acrylic paint while I painted a galactic nebula with acrylic inks. The livestream was in German so sorry for any non-german speaking people. But feel […]
  • Free March Moon Tracker
    Sound of spring I’m a bit late as per usual but I did create a new habit tracker for march. This time I got inspired by the sound of birds outside that remind us of the upcoming spring. So this month my journal will be inspired by the music of nature.
  • Free February Moon Tracker
    Mughal flowers It has been a while but I’m just back from my vacation in India. I haven’t had time to update my website during that time because it was so much to take in. But I did make a new moon tracker for february that is inspired by the artistic patterns of the mughal era.
  • A cosmic symphony
    This one has been laying around for way too long. I had the idea somewhere in summer but only in September I started playing on a canvas that had two lyric pages glued on. And somehow suddenly everything clicked when I let go and just played a bit around. Now I finally managed to cut some of the videos and here is the part where I created the background.
  • Merry Christmas
    A rather late merry christmas from me to you. I’ve been pretty busy with writing my advent calendar and preparing everything for Christmas so I had little time to write here. The next few weeks probably won’t be an exeption since I have more exciting things on my list. But I will try my best to post more content here, soon.
  • About new projects
    It has been a while that I posted. I’ve been pretty busy with a new project at work because I started editing a small magazine. And while I am used to write fiction and design magazines, writing articles was definitely something completely different. There is surely plenty of room to grow but for the first […]
  • The Conscious Christmas Advent Calendar
    Make this Christmas time extra special with the Conscious Christmas Advent Calendar. Let me fill your inbox with inspiration, joy and light for the next 24 days. Are you in?
  • Aurora – the northern lights
    The northern lights are always magical. So when I came across a tutorial beginning of 2022 I just had to try it.
  • Solar eclipse from Oct. 25th 2022
    I’m a tad bit late with posting recently because there are a lot of things going on. Still, I was able to catch some glimpses of the partial solar eclipse last week.
  • A cover for my writers journal
    I wanted to paint a cover for my writers journal. The journal is mostly an overview since my story will probably be three books later. So to keep track of people, places and everything, I started this journal. And now it finally has an appropriate cover page 🥰
  • Scorpio – the zodiac collection
    Here comes Scorpio, another water sign that has quite some sting to it. Because Scorpio goes deep and knows how to push your buttons. He’s all about those deep subconscious desires and if you learn to utilize that, the sting can also help you grow. But aside of that Scorpio is that loyal friend that will stick with you till the end.
  • A spray-painted telescope pt. 4
    It’s been a while since I talked about this. But after those wrinkles I was a bit frustrated because sanding it down was quite some work. But with the wet sanding it worked best and I could smooth out most of the wrinkles.
  • Reworking my oil painting
    After my little accident I started to cover up the small runs in my large oil painting. Still a work in progress but I’m slowly getting it.
  • A messed up cover – #writerswednesday
    Sometimes things don’t work out the way we want to. I loved the painting so far but when I started to add in details, I messed it up.
  • A celestial journal page
    Another page from last year that I never showed. I really experimented with different styles and love how this one turned out with the shimmery watercolors.
  • Just found something…
    Sometimes filming videos gets quite a mess when you switch paintings but don’t stop the video xD
  • A floral journal page
    Just wanted to throw in this short snap of a floral corner I made last year with fineliner and watercolors.
  • A title – #writerswednesday
    That’s how it started. A friend mentioned it to me, kidding because my car was full of plants. But somehow his words stuck with me. It felt like there was a story that wanted to be told. It took me months to decide on the genre and even longer until I had a faint idea of the story. But over time it slowly evolved and I started writing on „The wandering garden“.
  • Libra – the zodiac collection
    Ah gosh, I’m in love with this one and just can’t keep it to myself 😍🤭 So here is libra, another air sign that is known for their love of beauty and keeper of balance. So I found a swan quite fitting for them.
  • My oil painting ran away
    Checked in on my large canvas painting and noticed that it must have gotten too warm 🤯
  • A cosmic collision – Part 3
    Adding the final details to my painting… It’s really satisfying to see a painting come to life. Especially after adding stars and the last finishing details. Now I only need to seal it and my first acrylic painting on canvas is done 💕 There are some more canvas paintings that I am currently working on. […]
  • A cosmic collision – Part 2
    30 minutes in 50 seconds I added more depth to my painting of two colliding galaxies.
  • A cosmic collision – Part 1
    Back when I created my first collection I also played on canvas. But since the acrylic inks didn’t work so well on it, the canvas ended up in a corner. Later I tried out some things and slowly two colliding galaxies emerged on the canvas. I’m going to post some videos of it over the next few days, so stay tuned for the finished piece.
  • The Zodiac Collection is live! 🎉
    As promised, the Zodiac Collection just went live. And I’m happy to announce that I also added the original paintings for sale. Some are still very dear to me but I decided to let them go and focus on other things.
  • A poster design for our telescope meeting
    Each year in autumn, our local astronomy group organizes a meeting of hobby-astronomers called „Astronomie-Tage Ostfriesland“ (astronomy days east frisia). People from all over Germany come with their telescopes to spend some nights under the stars. If you’re around, feel free to step by, talk with us and take a look through some telescopes. This […]
  • #writerswednesday
    I love to create. Not just with paint but also with my words. When I was younger I always wanted to write a book. So I wrote. Poems, short stories and a lot of unfinished pieces. Currently I’m writing on a book series and I want to share a bit more about this in future […]
  • Urban sketching a channel scene
    Last weekend I met with a friend and since the weather was warm and sunny, we sat down to sketch a channel close to the ‚Kunsthalle Emden‘.
  • Mark Sept. 15th – The Zodiac Collection
    It’s finally time! On Septemer 15th the Zodiac Collection will be released, too. There will be two kind of prints available: Standard prints and a special edition with handpainted gold frame. The special edition is limited to 5 prints per painting.
  • Urban Sketching in Oldenburg 2.0
    Back in Oldenburg we tried to sketch for 10 minutes. But… the alarm didn’t go off so it was more like 15 minutes 😂 I colored it later with some of my favorite watercolors.
  • Free September Moon Tracker
    Going glamorous this month 😎 I couldn’t decide what to do for September so I scanned a journal page from last year and used it as tracker design.
  • Urban Sketching in Oldenburg
    On July 15th I met with another artist in Oldenburg and we sat down to sketch St. Lamberti church.
  • Redbubble Design updated
    Just wanted to let you know that I updated my „Zenned out“ design on Redbubble so you can order items with this new background ⭐
  • Virgo – the zodiac collection
    Happy Birthday to those born under the sign of virgo!
  • Re-decorating
    Just had to put this print into a vacant frame 💕 Edit: Oops, updated the video to the correct link…
  • Behind the scenes: Cutting prints
    Have a look behind the scenes with a little timelapse of me cutting my art prints.
  • Outdoor painting session
    Last week I carried out my art supplies and played a bit with them outside while talking with friends. Some also got infected and started to paint a bit which was fun. I hadn’t been painting with oil colors since my first one back in April. So I pulled them out and started working on […]
  • An early morning visit
    Just a dream. Or was it?!
  • My „Travel Kit“
    I got a bit carried away when I packed for a short vacation. So my travel kit for journaling and painting wasn’t light at all 🤣 But hey, I had everything I needed and I did enjoy some outdoor journaling and painting.
  • Behind the scenes: Creating an illustration
    Have you ever wondered, how vector graphics are created? Take a look behind the scenes while I create a dreamy scene at dusk for my habit tracker. You can download the tracker for free here:
  • Loose nebula prints
    I played a bit around on rather cheap paper but some of them turned out beautiful. So instead of offering the small originals in the collection, these are only available as prints. #10 of my collection “The light within”.
  • Bookmarks
    I made some pieces where the composition was a bit off but since they were still beautiful I decided to cut them and make bookmarks from them. Handpainted bookmarks in my collection “The light within”.
  • Green Skies
    Another more loose painting of a molecular cloud, this time in green. Painting #09 in my collection “The light within”.
  • Remnants of a starburst
    Sometimes the shockwaves of a supernovas trigger molecular clouds to collapse and form stars. It is all interconnected, the end and a new beginning. Painting #08 in my collection “The light within”.
  • Free August Moon Tracker
    Between day and night For August I got inspired by some beautiful apricot and violet shades that reminded me of beautiful summer sunsets and early mornings.
  • Clouds of pink
    Another more loose approach of a stellar nursery in closeup. Painting #07 in my collection “The light within”.
  • Violet Skies
    I think this was one of my first experiments with liquid watercolor ink. The color separated so beautifully I hardly had to use another color than Indigo and dioxazine purple. Painting #06 in my collection “The light within”.
  • Pillars of Creation
    Another early painting where I really loved the watercolor details. Painting #05 in my collection “The light within”.
  • Elements of new life
    This painting was one of the first ones I made with watercolor ink and it just had to be part of the collection as an HII-region where molecular hydrogen forms stars in the span of millions of years. Painting #04 in my collection “The light within”.
  • The horsehead nebula (Barnard 22)
    The only painting in the collection that shows a real nebula. The horsehead nebula (Barnard 22) is a small dark nebula in the constellation Orion. Behind it lies a large, active star-forming H II-region called IC 434. Painting #03 in my collection “The light within”.
  • The veil lifts
    A more loose painting of another stellar nurserie that slowly blows away the surrounding dust clouds to reveal the newformed stars. Painting #02 in my collection “The light within”.
  • Behind the dust clouds
    My take on a stellar nurserie that is obscured by an absorption nebula. Painting #01 in my collection „The light within“.
  • Leo – the zodiac collection
    We are back to another fire sign. And this roaring loud fellow won’t mind expressing himself to get your full attention.
  • Shop is live! 🤸‍♀️
    I finally managed to upload my Collection „The light within“ with prints. The other things will come over the next few days, too. Stay tuned 😎
  • Shop opening July 10th
    Just a little note that I`’m currently uploading my collections but it’s taking a bit longer than anticipated. I will let you know here and on Instagram as soon as the shop opens!
  • Dancing
    Some months ago I found this prompt to start writing a story. I forgot about it till today. And since I was waiting at the doctor, I simply pulled out my tablet and started writing. Hope you enjoyed. Maybe I will include parts of it in my book.
  • Zenned out Astronaut Notepad
    Some of these are available on July 10th in my Etsy shop. Couldn’t resist making it a little oldschool flip book animation 😆
  • Limited Zodiac Print Edition
    Since I don’t yet want to sell the originals of my zodiac collection I thought about offering a special edition print with gold frame. They will be limited to 5 prints per sign with a handpainted gold frame.
  • Free July Moon Tracker
    Wanderlust It’s July and time to travel the world, discover new continents, take in the sun, relax at the beach and simply enjoy the moment. The tracker is a simple vertical tracker for up to 11 things you want to keep track of. The PDF file contains a German version (page 2) and an English […]
  • Shop Opening July 1st – moved to July 10th
    It’s happening! I finally set the date for my shop opening on Etsy. And I’m super excited for it because my second collection ‚Pillars of Creation‘ is slowly coming together. Still haven’t decided on the final pieces yet but stay tuned for the final informations 💕 Add to your calendar:
  • Cancer – the zodiac collection
    This sensitive companion is known for feeling things very deeply. No wonder he sometimes prefers to retreat to his shell where he feels more comfortable. He can come off as moody and overly sensitive because he is so strongly connected to his emotions. But he is also highly intuitive and prefers deep connection over shallow […]
  • A nightsky telescope (pt. 3)
    Last part for the design, adding stars. After that it was just clear coating. Wait, just? If I hadn’t made a big mistake…
  • Gemini – the zodiac collection
    These cunning twins just sneaked in here 😄 After the earthy energy of Taurus they take you high up in the air. Their curious nature makes them very open und friendly. Witty and cunning, they love to explore life and to express themselves. Sometimes they may seem a bit scattered and bored easily which tends […]
  • A nightsky telescope (pt. 2)
    The next part of my spray-paint experiment. This time I added more details to get that milky way look.
  • Experiments with spray-paint – A nightsky telescope (pt. 1)
    I spray-painted my small Bresser 76/700 mm telescope to try out spray-painting. This was the first time I actually spray-painted something like this. In this first part you see the deconstruction and first layers of spray paint.
  • May the fourth be with you
    This baby yoda was a quicky, originally I wanted to paint flowers. But after seeing like a thousand reminders I just needed to do something Star Wars related 😄 Colors used: a lot from Roman Szmal and New Moon from @chipigments
  • Pillars of Creation Collection
    Coming soon…
  • Rather blurry sunspots (24.04.2022)
    Today I went outside with my telescope and checked the sunspots with a friend of mine. It was a bit difficult to take a photo though because I could just hold the camera onto the lens of the telescope. Additionally the sun was already standing low and it was rather windy. So it was hard […]
  • Redbubble Shop updated
    Just wanted to announce that I updated my Redbubble Shop with various items like T-Shirts, Art prints, Stickers and more. Currently it features my ‚Zenned out‘ astronaut (with of without background) and my ‚Universe within‘.
  • Welcome to my page
    Hello and welcome to my page. I just moved my page to WordPress so there will be some changes and new pages in the next time. I’m planning to open my shop in May but so far I haven’t set a date for it yet.
  • Taurus – The zodiac collection
    Please say hello to Taurus, the bull. After the fiery energy of Aries, this guy brings in some earthy energy to ground us.
  • Aries – the zodiac collection
    I’d like to introduce you to this little guy: Aries, the ram. He starts the zodiac with his firce nature. Highly motivated, optimistic and ambitious he reaches for his dreams.
  • Drops of Jupiter – A short Story
    In August 2021 the promt for a challenge I made was „Journey“. So I decided to take my followers on a journey with me. Each journal entry was accompanied with a new episode of the story. You can read them on Instagram or buymeacoffee.
  • Shiny watercolor moons
    Gosh, I’m in love! I just wanted to swatch this beautiful color but ended up making mini moons from the swatches that included 😂 The color is ’strawberry moon‘ and it really fits its name. This will sure be a favorite of mine 😍